Meet the future at these Offshore Experiences



Have you ever experienced working on 40 meter height? Have you have felt wind force 12 on your face? And have you experienced the first blow of cold water after you fell overboard? You haven’t? Soon you will, without even leaving the port!

The Offshore Experience will return on 12 September 2023. The Offshore Experience allows you to feel what it is like to be at the mercy of the elements while, at the same time, working towards a sustainable blue economy.

A sustainable blue economy is with the huge claim on (marine) space becoming more and more important. So how can an offshore wind farm and gas platform share their space with fisheries or farming? During the Offshore Experience you will gain knowledge about the most important topics of todays offshore challenges.

The Offshore Experience is for professionals in the offshore sector, for entrepreneurs interested in the offshore sector and for students. The Offshore Experience is for anyone active in the blue economy: offshore wind companies, ecology, fisheries, you name it.

Would you like to be part of this amazing event? Please send an email to to discuss the possibilities.